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    Conditions of Use Conditions of Use
    When you register on our site, you agree to the following General Conditions when using our e-business system.

    Transport damage
    It is important that you are completely satisfied. Let us know if something has been wrong so that it can be quickly corrected. If you upon receipt discover that the shipment is damaged in transportation, you should immediately notify the post office. If they dont accept the responsibility of the damage, you should contact us. We guarantee that the product is flawless and not damaged before shipment.

    If the product is faulty, contact us within 10 days after the package arrived, contact us to get an return code. We want to have a detailed description of the fault through e-mail, if the error is corrected through e-mail or if the error is of the nature that it can not depend on the product we will not approve an return.

    Fee for incorrect complaints
    If you return an product without return code and/or faulty description, the product will be returned after you have payed an fee of 50 Kr + Cost of return shipment to our bank account to cover extra administrative costs. Return of not faulty product that must be tested by us and fails to demonstrate any customer documented malfunctions, must be charged 300 Kr per commenced hour + return shipment before we can send the product back to customer. For that reson it is very important to contact us if there are any malfunctions.

    Free shipping and uninsured mailings (letter mail and applicable within Sweden only)
    The customer is implicit that the letter mail option includes cheapest possible way of shipment through the letter mail. It can happen but it is very unusual, that shipments is lost in post handling system. If this were to happen you have to contact us so that we can implement an complaint to the post office, however, the postal handling system is outside our responsibility and we can not reimburse any loss of the missing items with this shipping alternative.

    Personal Data
    We are responsible for the personal data you provide us. We will store them digitally to simplify further sales, maintain our customer relations and for marketing purposes. We will not sell or transfer the data to third parties. If you wish to change the data or for deletion from the database, please contact us. Your personal data must be accurate belong to you at the time of registration with us, incorrect data can be classed as identity theft and then we handle the matter thereafter.

    Cancellation of orders
    Cancellation can be made only if the order has not yet been processed by us. Placed orders are cogent.

    It is only advance payment that is acceptable for shopping with us, orders that are not paid within 7 days after order date will be cancelled. If you pay later than 7 days, you need to get in touch with us to get back your money, handling fee will be deducted by 20 Kr.

    Returns with reference to purchase on approval must take place within 14 days and is only approved for private customers, not business customers. Contact with us must be made in advance. The product may not be damaged in any way. Plastic / package that the goods came in must be sealed and completely intact. Reimbursement is made after the goods are received and approved of us. Not approved return is returned back to the customer at customers expense. Shipping and handling or any other fee that regars the order or payment can not be refunded.

    - The receipt must be enclosed with the return.
    - The product may not be used or broken.
    - The product must be returned in its product box and with its wrapping.
    - The product shall be complete with all the accessories.
    - Packaging may not be broken.

    Inernational customers must send us complete IBAN account number, BIC Code and information about what Bank and bankholder together with the return.

    Customers within Sweden send us bankaccount number together with the return.

    If the return is not approved the product will be returned back to the customer at customers expense, we will also add an shipping and administrative fee.

    Cash on delivery (Available within Sweden only)
    Naden HB can deliver with Cash on delivery, there will be an additional fee of 95 Kr. Cash on delivery is only applicable within Sweden. If you do not pay for your Cash on delivery package as ordered, we will charge you 250 Kr + 10% of product value. Naden HB always do a credit check before we approve cash on delivery order. We can deny customer Cash on delivery if the situation seem doubtful. Unpaid invoices will always be sent to an collection of debts agency service.

    Repentance Law
    As an individual within Sweden, you have according to the Swedish distance contract law rights to cancel a purchase within 14 calendar days and more than 7 working days of receipt. To request a withdrawal under the distance contract law, send an email to us. Return of goods which are returned by reference to the distance contract law is at the customers expense when distance contract law not give the customer the right to request reimbursement of the costs of transportation or other services. The product is returned packaged according to our recommendations. The product should always be returned with sealed packaging together with wrapping. If the goods ordered can not be used in the intended manner, for example, cause of incompatibility, or in case when the cancellation is to be regarded as forfeit. In such cases, the buyer pay all costs that occur, at least 20% of products value to cover costs for the handling of the return.

    Fee for low product value
    If ordered product value is under 95 Kr Incl. VAT, an additional fee will be added to the order of 30 Kr Incl. VAT.

    Uncashed goods
    For uncashed goods you will be charged full shipping costs and 250 SEK + 10% Incl. VAT of the goods as a fee. Unpaid invoices will always be sent to an debts collecting agency.

    Suspension of service
    We reserve the right to exclude customers from further trading if this document is not followed or in other forms of sabotage against our business. Fraud attempts and fake orders will be reported to the police immediately.

    All prices are stated in Swedish Kronor (SEK) including VAT, unless otherwise specified. Naden HB reserves the right to change product price without prior notice. We reserve ourselves against any errors relating to the information that is presented on our website. If you find anything that is wrong, we are grateful if you could notify us by e-mail


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